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Description of Backgammon Masters Free

★ Play Free Online Backgammon Today! ★

Want to learn how to play backgammon wherever you go? You are in luck!

Backgammon Masters is an aesthetically pleasing game for online and single player backgammon. Enjoy the ancient board game in crisp, modern graphics on your smartphone or tablet!

All board game fans will appreciate the easy to use interface, detailed visuals and many features. There is something for everybody! You can personalise your profile, challenge online players, make bets, gammon opponents, participate in tournaments, chat live, find new friends and learn all the tricks of this ancient and exciting board game!

Want to play with friends and family?
Easy! Play with your friends in hotseat mode, via bluetooth, organise tournaments and improve your skill!

Out on a trip and have no internet connection?
Just challenge our AI in any backgammon style you wish! One match will take you only 5 to 30 minutes.

Backgammon Masters supports many styles of backgammon:
» Classic backgammon - the core of the game.
» Narde (Nardi) - very popular in Russia. Longer play, since you can't hit opponent's checkers.
» Tavla (Tavli or Turkish Backgammon) - popular in Turkey. Very similar to backgammon with some rule differences regarding checker play.
» Nackgammon - variation invented by Nack Ballard with 2 differences from the original game.
» Old English Backgammon - a style popular in United Kingdom.

Despite the game's old age millions of people all around the world still enjoy this fantastic board game and its variations up to this day.

Join and become a true Master of Backgammon!

Game Features:
● 5 backgammon styles: Backgammon, Narde, Nackgammon, Old English and Tavla
● 4 game modes: Online game, Bluetooth peer-to-peer, against AI and Hotseat
● 100% fair and completely random dice rolls
● Option to check dice fairness in the game in your profile and on the server
● 6 beautiful boards: Classic, Metal, 10,000BC, Profi, Casino and White Crocodile!
● 2 difficulty levels in game vs AI
● Daily tournaments in Backgammon, Narde, Tavla and Nackgammon
● Extensive statistics for the last match
● Share your success on Facebook or Twitter!
● Highlighting of available moves
● Find new friends and opponents in global chat!
● Elo score support and skill levels for players. Can you reach the top?
● Free and regular updates!
● Collect daily free bonus coins!
● Multi language support: Russian, German and Turkish translations!
● Cross platform support for devices all over the world - Android, tablet or iOS, iPhone and iPad!

★ Best part? The game is FREE! So download and start playing today! ★

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If you enjoy Backgammon Masters, leave us a rating!
We listen to our players and work constantly to improve the game and make it better.

Version history Backgammon Masters Free
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.23
- 64bit support
- fixes
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.22
- Some fixes
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.20
- Critical fixes

- Added Holiday theme!
- Added 6 amazing emotes! Share your feelings during the game with the opponent!
- Added wonderful stickers to boards during tournament games to reflect the Holiday spirit!
- Various small fixes
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.17
- Fixed a bug in the tournament upon clicking "Play" button
- Dice is no longer rolled if there are no available moves
- Game chat now works only in a friendly match. For regular games players can exchange quick phrases.
- A player who spectates games can no longer read chat or use fast phrases
- Eye icon on top of the board indicates if someone is viewing the game
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.14
- Updated interface
- Removed limit of friends list
- Regular, no gold games are available only with friends
- Added ability to spectate friend games
- Adding of friends now takes place through chat. Added additional function to add friends via invitation link and receive gold for invited friends.
- Fixed various bugs
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.13
- Network problem fixes

- Changed dice roll animation
- Changed system when waiting for tour to start. Now player awaits for opponent in the board screen
- Fixed bugs with boards
- Tourney prize winners get reward instantly.
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.12
- Changed dice roll animation
- Changed system when waiting for tour to start. Now player awaits for opponent in the board screen
- Fixed bugs with boards
- Tourney prize winners get reward instantly.
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.11
- Added new tournament medals
- Added medal display in player's profile
- Removed “City" field on profile
- Fixed bugs in the shop
- Fixed minor bugs
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.10
- Minor changes
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.9
- Quick "Sit&Go" tournaments are no longer displayed at the lower part of the tournament menu, only regular tournaments.- 64 player limitation has been removed from regular tournaments.- Each match in regular tournaments now lasts until 2 points.- Changed time per move for quick "Sit&Go" tournaments and regular tournaments.- Tour number, point limit and current score is now displayed on the left side of the board- Removed holiday theme- Fixed bug in game logic- Fixed minor bugs
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.8
- Added Christmas theme- All boards and checkers have been graphically improved.- Improved detail of boards for high resolution screens- Added green spot indicators to show which checkers can be moved.- Player, bet and time information is located at the left side of the board.- Basic animation speed is now slightly faster and the game speed can no longer be modified in option- Updated the game settings window- Added new emojis- Changed game logic upon bearing off checkers
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.7
- Fixed critical bugs
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.6
- Added option to view already finished games with ability to adjust time and speed of the replay- Changed "Game History" section, added replay option- It is now possible to view finished tourney games in the tournament window- In the "Last match" you can now find dice generation seed- New app icon- Fixed critical bugs
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.5
- Improved interface. Game against AI and online game are now in a single screen- Added option to spectate ongoing tournament games in the active tournament window- Fixed critical bugs
New in Backgammon Masters+ 1.7.3
– Fixed bug with checker blocking in narde– Fixed bug in Hotseat mode– Fixed bug in Tavla– Fixed bug upon checker bear-off– Implemented online game reconnection after app shutdown– Implemented option to choose name color upon registration– Improved interface during the game– Improved checker movement during the turn– Fixed various bugs
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